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  1. About kaziranga national park

    Kaziranga National Park is situated partly in Nagaon district and partly in Golaghat district of the Assam state. It is the oldest park in Assam and covers an area of 430 sq kms along the Karbi Anglong hills. You can visit he park between November to April. It is closed after April by the month of October. Kaziranga National Park is a World Heritage Site and is famous for the great Indian one horned rhinoceros. The park has of many mammals including elephants, tigers, bears and panthers, and thousands of birds. Kaziranga National Park is split into 4 zones: the central or Kaziranga Range; the western or Bagori Range; the eastern or Agaratoli Range; and the Burapahar Range.

  2. Who should visit ?

    Wildlife Lovers,

    What makes it special?

    Great Indian one horned Rhinoceros.

    Ticket/Fees (in INR)


    Visiting Hours


    How to reach?

    It is almost 104 K.M. from Nagaon. You should hire a taxi. You can reach Kaziranga National Park from Jorhat (96 kms) ,Furketing (75 kms) also. It is advisable to come to Jorhat or Guwahati (240 km) and then take a cab or a bus to reach the park.

    How to make this visit memorable?

    You must take a Elephant safari. Elephant safaris set out at 05.30 and 06.30 every morning and at 15.00 every afternoon. They last 1 hour.

    Do’s and Don’ts

    Do’s: Obtain permit before entering the Park / Sanctuary, Be accompanied by a guide authorized by the Park / Sanctuary authority, Wear inconspicuous ‘Khaki’, ‘Olive’ or ‘Grey clothing. Bright clothes particularly white, black and red are not advisable, Drive slowly at a prescribed maximum speed limit of 20 Kms./hr, Grant right of way to the animals, Maintain silence to have a close look on wildlife, Drive vehicle only on the specified routes, Leave the Park / Sanctuary before sun set. Don’ts: Enter the Park / Sanctuary before and after specific time, Carry pets, transistors, tape recorder and musical instruments inside the Park / Sanctuary, Try to cook anything inside the Park / Sanctuary, Blow horn inside the Park / Sanctuary, Drive off the road, Overtake other vehicles, Disembark from the vehicle to move on foot, Disturb the animals, Smokes or kindle fire, Throw trash inside the Park / Sanctuary.

    Rewards/ Recognition

    World heritage Site

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