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  1. About red fort

    The Red Fort is one of the historic and patriotic monuments of India. This stunning fort is one of the oldest and most well maintained forts of India which showcases and depicts the rue and reign of the Mughal emperors. Shan Jahan started the construction of this amazing fort and the Red stone was used to build and create this glorious huge fort. This is one of the tourist destination crowded with numerous visitors just to have a glimpse of the finest architecture and carvings of the Mughal era. This amazing place is studded with various different attractions like the Diwan i Aaam, Diwan i Khaas, Hawa Mahal, Delhi Gate, Mumtaaz Mahal etc which have their own beauty and significance.

  2. Who should visit ?


    What makes it special?

    The beautiful red fort is a national and historic place which has numerous places to visit. The glorious red fort is famous due to its amazing history, its dazzling carving of red stone.

    Ticket/Fees (in INR)


    Visiting Hours


    How to reach?

    Red Fort is located in the old part of Delhi called old Delhi. You can use different mode of transport to reach here. You can use local transport like bus, metro etc. The nearest metro station chandi chowk around 1 k.m. from here. You can hire a cab or taxi from any part of Delhi to reach here.

    How to make this visit memorable?

    Every evening there is a spectacular display of history and events related to the city of Delhi in the form of light and sound show organized at the Red Fort. Red Fort Delhi Light and Sound is an hour Show. You must go to see the light and sound show to have a wonderful experience. The entry fee is Rs.60 for adults and Rs.20 for children in weekdays. It is Rs.80 for adults and rs.30 for children on weekend.

    Do’s and Don’ts

    You should carry a cap if you visit this place during summer and water bottle especially goes with children. Don’t write anything on the walls of the buildings. Follow the rules which are set up for tourists.

    Rewards/ Recognition

    world heritage Site

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