1. About Us

    We are a group of two from different walks of life. There was always a desire to explore more about our Indian culture, understand our roots and the changes that have taken place.

    Travelling is the only way in which you can get a firsthand experience of the minute details of the people and culture of a place. Therefore, we started travelling and exploring India. Gradually we started feeling that there is a lot which is yet to be explored, apart from the known things about a place, its culture, its people, its food etc.

    We thought of building a platform where people of India can share known and unknown details of their city, culture, food, art, music, fair and festivals, and can help travellers to experience India in totality.

    Apart form information sharing, we are bringing together people who work in travel & tourism industry. Tour operators, taxi operators & guides can connect to travelers using Travup Travel Social Network and grow their business.

    Travel photographers can participate in monthly Travup Travel Photo Contest and get recognition & win various prizes. We also publish selected travel stories written by travel bloggers, which helps bloggers to get more readers as well as a good exposure.

    We also see a great job opportunity in travel & tourism industry in India. India's share in world international tourist arrival was just 0.68%, while China's share was 4.9% in 2014*. This may have changed a bit in last one year but there is a scope for lot more.

    We have introduced some unique features which should help travellers to directly connect with the local people and experience things closely.

    City Ambassadors: City ambassadors are local people assisting travellers to explore their city. Anyone can register and become a city ambassador and start assisting travellers.

    Be a Host or Guest: A host invites travellers to attend their functions, festivals, fair etc. Anyone can register and become a host and start inviting travellers.

    Travel Network: Helps you to make friends who can assist you in exploring India.

    Meet Local Artists: Local artists can share details about their art and travellers have an opportunity to meet these artists and understand their art(s).

    We are not limited to information sharing, we are creating a platform which can cater to travelers and businesses which are in travel & tourism industry.

    * Reference from India Tourism Statistics at a glance 2014 from www.tourism.gov.in