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    Elelakkaradi is a tribal dance form prevalent among the Irular tribe of Attappadi in Palakkad District. It is a heroic group dance performed by men, women and children of the whole community at Malleswaran Temple in Attappadi on the auspicious night of Sivaratri festival every year. The dance portrays their fight against wild bears which often attack their tribal hamlets. The dancers move around flames of fire in vigorous and rhythmic steps accompanied by the beat of drums, amidst wild shouts and war cries, creating a heroic mood. Percussion instruments like Para, Thakil and kuzhal are used to make the atmosphere more vibrant. The song echoes with the words “Ele le Karadi… Ele le”. The word karadi literally means “bear”.

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    Venue of the dance is Malleswaran Temple in Attappadi where Sivaratri is celebrated with great fervor. Attappadi is at about 58 km from Palakkad town and accessible by bus and taxi.

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    This tribal dance is performed by the whole community including men, women and children of the Irular tribe in Attappadi.

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    Attappadi is the abode of a variety of folk art forms, which are worth watching.

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