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  1. About karagattam

    Karagattam is a popular folk dance of Tamil Nadu, performed by balancing a decorated pot (karagam) on the head, to seek the blessings of the rain goddess Mari Amman and the river goddess Gangai Amman. The dancers perform intricate body movements and even do acrobatics like dancing on a rolling block of wood, climbing up and down a ladder, etc., but the karagam never falls from their head. The dance is performed in single, pair or groups, both by men and women. When the dance is performed as a play it is known as Aatta Karagam and when it is performed as a ritual in a temple it is called Sakthi Karagam.

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    It is performed in temple functions as well as public functions like marriage, welcome party, etc.

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    There are popular artists belonging to Thanajur, Madurai, Tirunelveli, Pudukkottai, Pattukottai and Ramanathapuram districts of Tamil Nadu.

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    This dance is popular not only in India but also in neighboring countries like Malayasia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, etc., where Tamil people reside.

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