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  1. About aji lhamu

    Aji Lhamu is one of the most prominent folk dance forms practiced by the Monpa tribe of Tawang. It is basically the Tibetan version of the Hindu epic Ramayana. There are mainly five characters in this dance drama. Nyapa is the central character and Nyao is the rival character. Lhamu and Lhum are two female characters and Gyeli is another character. The characters have mythological origin. Lhamu is a fairy from heaven, who came to earth and later became the queen of Gyeli. This dance form also portrays the grand ceremony of the wedding of King Chhoegay Norzang and Lhamu. This dance form is performed during Losar festival.

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    Performed in front of audience at open ground or stage, during Losar festival.

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    Local artists.

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    It is a colorful and entertaining dance drama.

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