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  1. About sanjhi

    The Sanjhi making is a noteworthy part of Vraja Culture and tradition. The temple priests of Vrindavan took up the practice of Sanjhi in the 17th century, using stencils to create pictures of the pastimes of Krishna and the gopis. Color powders are used, either on the floor, a podium or floating on water in shallow vessels. Sanjhi is one of the living cultures of Vraja being accomplished in a few temples of Vrindavan. The intricately gorgeous Sanjhi designs are put on put on show in the evenings, when they are worshipped. The temple musical group also lead devotees in singing special sanjhi bhajans while dancers dressed as gopis perform.

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    Any temple at Vrindavan

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    The temple music troop and the devotees.

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    You need to go there with a religious mind and you can also sing and dance.

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