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  1. About handloom and handicrafts

    : Kashmir boasts its endless treasure of handicrafts and handlooms. The arts and crafts of Srinagar have been enriched since the ancient time as it offered the locals to intermingle with each other’s culture. Srinagar got habituated by the Persian, Tibetan, and Mughals and the arts and crafts of the region got influenced by these cultures. Traditional items from Srinagar are in great demand from tourists all over the world. Pashmina Shawls and dress materials are the most popular items of Srinagar. Carpets and hand-woven rugs, woolen items, jackets, embroidered Phirhan and scarves are some of the other handloom works that one could exclusively get in Srinagar. Namdas and sarees, dress materials with Naqqashi work are also bought in great numbers by the tourists. Silk sarees and other silk materials, embroidered handbags, purses, files are also the specialties of Srinagar.Carved silver utensils, silver jewelry, silver show pieces, photo frames and other silverware, brass lamp shades, brass show pieces, carved wood furniture, utensils and wooden showpieces, hand-woven baskets made from willow tree wood are also very popular items of Srinagar. Paper-Mache items like small boxes, jewelry boxes, vases etc. are specialties of this region.

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