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  1. About international coir museum

    Handicraft of Kerala is a perfect reflection of its art and culture as well as social life of the people. The name of Alappuzha is synonymous with coir products, besides backwaters. People make beautiful pieces of handicrafts using coir, which is derived from coconut husk. Coir Board of Kerala Government has established an International Coir Museum in Alappuzha, which has become a popular tourist attraction. This well maintained museum depicts valuable information on the historical events in coir sector starting from its origin and its growth involving the traditional processes and progress such as retting and fiber extraction, latest development achieved through research, mechanization, etc. There is a wide range of beautiful handicrafts like Taj Mahal, utensils, animals, birds, images, bags, ornaments, household goods, etc., all made out of coir, displayed in this museum. Other than the displayed handicrafts and coir products, there is a workshop where you can see people working on coir. In the Souvenir shop you can enjoy shopping varieties of coir handicrafts, coir mats, coir ornaments, etc.

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    International Coir Museum, Ward 14, Kalavoor, Alappuzha-688522. It is located at about 9 km from Alappuzha railway station and KSRTC bus station and can be reached by bus, auto rickshaw or taxi.

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    It is a government museum established by the Coir Board of Kerala Government to mark its Diamond Jubilee and has been well maintained by the government authorities.

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    The museum is first of its kind and it enhances our knowledge about the evolution of coir industry and reveals several lesser known facts of coir products.

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