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  1. About kathakali

    Kathakali is a very popular performing art form of Kerala, which is well revered by the entire world. The word Kathakali literally means ‘story play’. Originated about 400 years ago, this classic art form is a mixture of make-up, music, dance and literature. It conveys stories from Hindu mythologies with amazing face expressions, hand gestures called Mudras, and fascinating body movements. In Idukki, Kathakali is performed in Sree Krishna Swamy Temple at Thodupuzha on 5th and 6th days of the ten day long festival in March/April every year. A huge oil lamp called Nilavilakku is lit and this art form is performed in front of it. Starting at around 9 PM, it lasts till early morning. Instruments like Chenda, Cymbals, and Mridangam are used in the background. The performer with his fingers unfolds several mudras (sign language) and speaks through his body movements. Face make-up known as ‘Chutti’ takes several hours to complete.

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    Sree Krishna Swamy Temple, Temple Road, Thodupuzha, Idukki

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    Professional Kathakali artists of Kerala.

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    Shree Krishna Swamy Temple is famous for its 10 day festival held in March/April every year. Several cultural programs and traditional art forms are performed here during these days.

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