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  1. About thappattam

    Thappattam is a very old traditional folk dance more popular in the villages of Tamil Nadu. The performers beat a handheld drum, known as Thappu, and dance to its rhythm. Here, the dancer himself is the musician, who dances to his music. The drum has a booming sound, and it is believed that in the ancient times it was used to gather the villagers to convey some important messages like the beginning of a war, announcement of victory, warning about wild animals, forthcoming celebrations, etc. While performing Thappattam, the beat of the drums and intricate movement of the dancers are so exciting that the audience get mesmerized throughout the performance.

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    It is performed during temple festivals in Tamil Nadu. It can be seen during festivals in in Palani Temple.

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    It is performed by local artists.

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    Being a folk dance, it has no strict guidelines but depend on the group of people who perform the dance.

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