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  1. About apatani tatoos

    If you think the fashion can emerge from the huge metropolitan cities, you would get completely amazed by this art and trend. the Apatani people, localities of the tribal areas of Arunachal pradesh are amazingly known for their tattoo art called Aaptani tattoos. This tattoos are sculpted on the face and other part of the bodies making it a signature art form for the Apatani people. The Apatani women started wearing tattoos for different reasons and became a trend in the nearby areas and specially among the tribal people. Also the nose plugs of the Apatani people are famous. the people living in the Ziro valley are known as Apatani people.

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    Ziro valley, Arunachal pradesh

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    The Aptani people are the people living in the ziro valley. tey have their trends and fashions and among them, the Aptani tattoos and nose plugs are immensely famous. the reason for the nose plugs is heavy winter climatic conditions and the aim of tattooing is to make the face look beautiful complementing the nose plugs!

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