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    Krishnapuram Palace in Kayamkulam in Alappuzha, which functions as an archaeological museum, contains several ancient paintings, artifacts, megalithic remains, ancient inscriptions and sculptures. Among them is the famous mural painting titled “Gajendra Moksham”, which literally means “the Salvation of the Elephant King”. This 18th century mural is of 154 square feet size with a height of 9.8 feet and is regarded as the largest of its kind found in Kerala. This spectacular painting is a fusion of amazing colors and moods. It portrays an elephant saluting Lord Mahavishnu in deep devotion, while other gods, goddesses and saints are watching in reverence. It was created based on a mythological legend referred in the Sanskrit scripture Bhagavatha Purana. The painting also portrays other characters like crocodile, animals, plants, legendary beasts, etc. Child Krishna, surrounded by Gopikas, is portrayed in the bottom panel. Krishnapuram palace and Museum built in 18th century by the Travancore Kings and presently maintained by Archaeological Department, is one of the most visited tourist destination in Alappuzha.

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    Krishnapuram Palace is located at Krishnapuram near Kayamkulam, at 48 km from Alappuzha. Several private buses and KSRTC buses ply through this route. One can also hire a taxi to reach there.

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    The mural painting was created by unknown artists of 18th century.

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    Other than paintings, Krishnapuram Palace and Museum is a storehouse of several ancient priceless exhibits including the Double-edged Kayamkulam sword, Buddha’s statues of 10th century, Sanskrit Bible printed in Calcutta in 1886, ceremonial utensils and many more.

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