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    Thiruvathira Kali, also known as Kaikottikali, is a popular group dance performed by the women folk of Kerala. This dance is usually performed by women of Hindu families on Thiruvathira festival which falls in the Malayalam month Dhanu (December/January) and also during Onam festival in August/September. A group of women wearing traditional Kerala dress dance around a decorated pookkalam (flower rangoli) or Nilavilakku (Big brass lamp), clapping their hands in rhythm and singing beautiful songs that depict tales of Parvati and Siva. With rhythmic steps, they move clockwise or anticlockwise and sometimes elegantly bending in sideways in tune with the song, spreading the grace of feminine energy. Other than Onam and Thiruvathira it is now being performed as a part of cultural programs and arts festivals and has become a dance for all seasons.

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    It was once performed at every home and was confined to Onam and Thiruvathira festivals, but now it has become a part of cultural programs and functions.

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    All women, married or unmarried, perform this dance. One need not undergo any specialized training, but should be familiar with the steps and music.

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    Thiruvathira Kali is a dance as well as the celebration of feminine energy. Nowadays, several organisers are conducting special dance performance aiming Guinness record with the participation of largest number of women.

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