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  1. About thangka painting

    Thangka painting is a painting done on cloth. Thangka literally means “recorded message. Painting is a significant art in Tawang, which is an important mode of design, decoration and religious expression. Thangka consists of a painted picture panel mounted on a silk boarder. Luster and life of the painting last for a long period, but it is advised to keep it in dry places to avoid moisture contact that will lessen its life. Subject of the painting include figures of Buddha, goddesses, humans, animals, stupas, plants, flowers, etc. Thangka painter should have good knowledge of the proportional size of the deities to express the figures correctly.

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    Visit the Craft Centre in Tawang to see artists doing Thangka painting. The paintings are available for purchase in the local markets.

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    Painters with good knowledge of this art.

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    The painter should have a deep understanding of the religious symbolism to express the painting without losing its spirit.

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