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    Chakyar Koothu is one of the oldest theatrical art forms of Kerala, which is traditionally performed by Chakyar (a community name) in the temples of Kerala. It mainly involves social satire, comedy and mime. The performance begins with a prayer to the presiding deity of the temple. Mythological stories are narrated dramatically with mime, gesture and occasional dance movements. While narrating, he criticizes and makes comments on the current political and social events with great wit and humour. Two instruments are used for the performance: Mizhavu, a big percussion instrument; and a pair of Ilathalam (cymbals). In Idukki, Chakyar Koothu is performed in Sree Krishna Swamy Temple at Thodupuzha on 4th, 5th and 6th days of the ten day long festival in March/April every year.

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    Sree Krishna Swamy Temple, Temple Road, Thodupuzha, Idukki

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    Chakyar Koothu is performed by artists belonging to Chakyar community in Kerala.

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    Shree Krishna Swamy Temple is famous for its 10 day festival held in March/April every year. Several cultural programs and traditional art forms are performed here during these days.

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