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  1. About yak dance

    Yak dance is a very famous dance drama performed by the Mahayana sects of Buddhism during the Losar festival. The dancers, believed to be same family members, discovered the Yak with the assistance of a magical bird. Wearing the Yak costumes and masks, they perform dances, which signify the happiness of the people in finding the Yak. The Yak represents wealth and prosperity and it is believed that by performing the Yak dance, the people will be relieved from all their difficulties. It may sometimes resemble the Chinese dragon dance.

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    Performed in front of audience at open ground or stage, during Losar festival.

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    Artists belonging to Buddhist Mahayana sect.

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    Tableau of Yak dance displayed by Arunachal Pradesh during the Republic day celebration 2017 at New Delhi bagged the first prize for the best tableau.

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