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  1. About jag mandir palace

    Jag Mandir Palace, also known as Lake Garden Palace, is a very attractive palace on the southern island of Lake Pichola. Its construction started in 1551 AD and was completed by 1652, under the rule of three Maharanas. This beautiful palace was earlier used as a summer resort of the Royal family. Mughal Prince Khurram, who later became Emperor Shah Jahan, was given shelter in this palace when he protested against his father Emperor Jahangir. Shah Jahan was inspired by the design of this palace to build the world famous Taj Mahal. The three-storied Jag Mandir Palace, built in marble and yellow sandstone, has some beautiful structures, a lovely garden and a small attractive museum. The entry pavilion of the palace has 8 life-sized statues of elephants carved on marble stone and facing the lake.

  2. Who should visit ?


    What makes it special?

    The architectural beauty of the palace is amazing. Eight life-sized statues of elephants carved in stone and facing the lake is an attractive sight.

    Ticket/Fees (in INR)


    Visiting Hours


    How to reach?

    Jag Mandir palace can be reached by boat ride on Lake Pichola which costs Rs 300 per Adult and Rs 150 per child for regular boat.

    How to make this visit memorable?

    You can enjoy an exciting boat ride on Lake Pichola to reach Jag Mandir Palace. Spend some wonderful moments visiting its beautiful architectural structures and lovely garden. Have a delicious dinner at the Darikhana restaurant in the palace complex.

    Do’s and Don’ts

    It is advised to book the dinner at Darikhana restaurant in advance. Remember to carry your camera to capture some memorable moments of the visit.

    Rewards/ Recognition

    The Jag Mandir palace was the inspiration of Emperor Sha Jahan behind the construction of Taj Mahal.

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