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  1. About mandir palace

    Mandir Palace, also known as Badal Palace or Cloud Palace, which had been once the residence of the Jaisalmer rulers, comprises a group of architectural structures with elaborately decorated balconies, canopies and wonderful carvings that reflect the amazing craftsmanship of the local craftsmen in the finest form and beauty. The famous five-storeyed Tazia tower is situated within the Badal Palace complex. It is constructed in the shape of Tazia that are generally part of Muslim religious festivities. Each storey has exclusively designed balconies with beautiful carvings, which attract a large number of tourists. Presently a section of this palace is operating as a heritage hotel and restaurant. Some specific areas of the palace can be visited by the tourists.

  2. Who should visit ?


    What makes it special?

    The architectural beauty and the intricate carvings of the structures, which reflect the imaginative skills and artistic creativity of the Muslim craftsmen are amazing.

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    How to reach?

    It is located near Amar Sagar Gate in the heart of the city and can be reached by walk or auto rickshaw

    How to make this visit memorable?

    Spend few hours in the complex and enjoy the beauty of the architecture marvel. Capture some good photographs. Have delicious food from the roof-top restaurant.

    Do’s and Don’ts

    Carry you camera and click some good photos. Follow the rules of the area.

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