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  1. About salim singh-ki-haveli

    Salim Singh ki Haveli is located at about 300 m from Jaisalmer Fort and is famous for its wonderful architecture. It was built in 1815 AD by Salim Singh, who was the then Prime Minister of the Kingdom. Instead of using cement and mortar, strong iron rods are used to connect the stones. The Haveli has five storeys with unique architecture. Peacock shaped brackets are beautifully carved on the arched roof. Huge stone carvings of two elephants guard the entrance. Due to the resemblance of the front portion to a ship stem, it is also called Jahaz Mahal.

  2. Who should visit ?


    What makes it special?

    Architecture and craftsmanship of the Haveli are excellent.

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    Visiting Hours


    How to reach?

    It can be reached by cab, auto rickshaw or by walking

    How to make this visit memorable?

    Enjoy the marvelous art and architecture of the Haveli with your family and friends.

    Do’s and Don’ts

    Keep the place clean.

    Rewards/ Recognition

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