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  1. About wangala

    It is a festival where the thanks is given to Saljong, the god who provide mankind with Nature’s bounty and ensure their prosperity. There is no fixed date of the festival to be performed but it is done in the month of October and November. The Nomka who is the clan chief looks after the arrangements and organizes the festival. Various traditional foods are made and rice beer is a must. The Wangala dance is also a part of the festivity. The tribal men and women take part in the dance which is performed along with beating drums. It is a festivity to watch.

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    Any tribal village.

    Do and Don't

    ? Offer prayers to Saljon ? Participate in the Wangala dance ? Drink rice beer ? Do not hurt the religious belief of others.

    Additional Informations

    Go to the festival with a religious mind and enjoy.

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