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  1. About moatsu

    It is also known as the sowing festival. It is a festival related to agriculture that is practice traditionally. The festival starts on May 1 and lasts for three days. It is celebrated after the sowing is done.Actually the festival is a recreation for the people after the tiresome work of preparing the fields to sow the seeds. Before the festival start the village gate is declared closed. The entry to the village is limited to the villagers after this declaration. They prove their skills at this festival. All folk wear traditionally weaved and colorful dress and ornaments. Men show their pride by raising healthy pigs, cows, etc which are to be slaughtered at the festival. The festival is intended to invoke blessings of God for getting good yield. However this festival stopped when Christianity spread across the villages.

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    All Ao Naga villages

    Do and Don't

    They do not allow outsiders during Moatsu except in the Chuchuyimlang village.

    Additional Informations

    Moatsu is no more practiced after the establishment of Christianity among the Nagas.

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