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Vetta and ArattuVetta and Arattu
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  1. About vetta and arattu

    This festival is praised twice in a year, once in Oct. - Nov and after that in March-April. Vetta implies Lord Vishnu chasing down the devil of malice in the timberland. The following day evening the Arattu parade starts. Pictures of Lord Padmanabha, Lord Krishna and Lord Narasimha are conveyed to the Arabian Sea at Sangumugham shoreline escorted by the Royal Family. At nightfall the pictures are customarily washed in the ocean. Giving back the pictures in a parade back to the Padmanabhaswamy temple finishes up the occasion. A few cultural projects including throughout the night Kathakali are performed amid the celebration.

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    Padmanabhaswamy temple

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    • Visit the Arabian Sea at Sangumugham shoreline • Visit the Padmanabhaswamy temple • Do not hurt others religious belief

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