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Kharchi FestivalKharchi FestivalKharchi Festival
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  1. About kharchi festival

    kharchi pooja is a big Festival in Agartala. Kharchi Pooja lasts for seven days. The festival is held at old Agartala, at the temple premises of fourteen gods. On the day of Pooja, the fourteen deities are carried by members of chantai, taken to river Sarda. it is bathed in the holy water and brought back to temple. They are placed in the temple again, decorated by various type of flowers, put up vermilion in the forehead of deities. A lot of people come to the festivl everyday People offer different types of Prasad like sweets, goat etc. Now a days many cultural programs are performed in night. A large fair is also organized on this occasion. People seek their welfare as well society.

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    At the temple premises of fourteen gods, old Agartala.

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    The temple is approx. 15 K.M. from main Agartala city.

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