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  1. About losar

    Losar festival is the famous New Year festival celebrated by the Monpa tribe of Tawang. It usually falls in the end of February or early March. It is the most important festival of Tawang, which is celebrated to get rid of evil spirits and to welcome a prosperous and happy new year. The celebrations begin on the 29th day of the 12th Lunar month. Houses are cleaned and colorfully decorated. A traditional soup called ‘guthuk’ is prepared on the New Year eve. On the New Year day people wear their best dress, offer prayers to god and enjoy the day at their home drinking, eating and indulging in various entertainments. On the second day they move out of their home and exchange New Year greetings with friends and relatives. The celebration lasts for 10 to 15 days with a variety of foods, entertainment and enjoyment

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    Celebrated in every Monpa family.

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    Visit Tawang in February end and enjoy the celebrations.

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    Losar is an occasion for get together of friends and family members, enjoying a variety of traditional food, eating, drinking and merry making.

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