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  1. About lai haroba

    Lai Haroba, which literally means ‘festivity of the gods’, is an important festival celebrated by the Meiteis of Manipur. It is celebrated to revere the local deities like Umang Lai and to worship the ancestors. As a part of the tradition, men and women dance in front of the idols of the deities. They worship the spirits of their ancestors and seek the blessings from the ancestors and the deities. The main purpose of this festival is to make the people aware of the significance of creation of the universe and the evolution of plants, animals and human beings. Traditional dances and dance drama are performed during this festival. Idols of the deities are taken out in a procession around the village.

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    Traditional music, dance and folk art forms are very interesting and colorful events that should not be missed.

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    Lai Haraoba was originally held at a hill named Koubru Ching. Other than their main deity Umang Lai, people worship a number of other deities, and perform dances in front of the idols.

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