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  1. About kolhua mela

    Kolhua Mela is a religious festival celebrated twice a year at Hunterganj in Chatra. It is on the top of Kolhua Hills where there is an ancient temple of Goddess Kali, also known as Kuleshwari Dev Temple. Large numbers of pilgrims from different parts of the country trek to the top of the hill to participate in this Mela. There is a water tank on the hill top to quench the thirst of the people. Once the people reach the top of the hill, they forget the fatigue. Several stalls can be seen selling garments, pottery, handicrafts, utensils, and varieties of accessories. Swings and joy rides are provided to entertain children. Several entertainments are organized including dance, music, games, etc.

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    Hunterganj, Chatra, Jharkhand

    Do and Don't

    Be prepared for the trekking to the hill top through steep path.

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    It is celebrated twice a year, during Magh Vasanth Panchami and Ram Navami.

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