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  1. About torgya

    Torgya is a colorful 3-day festival held at the premises of Tawang Monastery. The celebration begins from the 28th day of the eleventh lunar month, which falls in the month of January. The festival signifies the destruction of evil forces and seeking happiness and prosperity to people. The major attraction of the festival is the sacred Cham dance performed by a selected group of monks of Tawang Monastery, wearing wonderful robes and masks, representing divine and earthly characters. The dance, accompanied by the instruments of drum, cymbals, clarinets and huge telescopic horns, is performed for three days, attracting thousands of devotees. On the first day, casting of sacrificial cake, known as Torgya, is performed after a grand procession. On the final day, the abbot of the monastery performs a vase initiation to the people.

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    Tawang Monastery

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    Do not miss the magnificent event of the Cham dance.

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    Every third year, there is a grand celebration of the festival, which is called Dung-Gyur, when the monks observe Mani Dung Drub ritual which involves 10 millions of Mani Mantra recitation.

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