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Chhath PujaChhath PujaChhath Puja
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  1. About chhath puja

    Chhath Puja is another prominent festivity at Sarnath. It is the festivity that is organized during the month of March and November to offer prayers to the Sun God. People from all over India come over here to perform the puja. The puja is held at dawn and at dusk time. The people go to the river side and offer prayers and offerings to the Sun God. Bunches of banana and sugar canes are offered as offering. It is believed that the raw bunches of banana becomes ripe after the puja. There is a special sweet dish called Thakua made during this festivity.

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    All over Sarnath especially at the river side.

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    • Offer prayers to Sun god • Have the special sweet dish Thakua.

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