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  1. About tarnetar mela

    As per the Hindu epic Mahabharata, during Draupadi’s swayamvara, Arjuna pierced the eye of a rotating fish using his arrow in order to get Draupadi as his bride. The Tarnetar fair held at Thangadh in Surendranagar is associated with this legend. It is a celebration of dance, music and costumes centered on young tribal women and men seeking their marriage partners. Varieties of captivating folk dances are performed, group after group, in the background of continuous drumbeats and music, providing a grand visual treat to the visitors. Those who do not seek partners also participate in the dance and equally enjoy the excitement of the festivities. The marital status of the women can be identified by their costumes. Several entertainments are provided during the fair including merry-go-round rides, magic shows, etc., and a number of stalls sell handicrafts, jewelry and traditional attires.

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    Grounds of Triniteshwar Mahadev Temple, Thangadh, Surendranagar, 120 km from Ahmedabad

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    The excitement and romance created by the colorful folk dances like Raas are enchanting

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    Legends link this fair with the story of Draupadi’s Swayamvar in Mahabharata, where Arjuna pierced the eye of a rotating fish to win Draupadi as his bride.

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