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  1. About easter festival

    Easter is celebrated by all Christians throughout Kerala with great passion. It begins with Lent, a ritual involving 40 days fasting and self-punishment. Then, the ritual of Jesus Christ’s Last Supper and washing of feet are done on the Holy Thursday. The rite of Paschal bread is performed at every home. A ‘cross cake’ is cut into pieces and distributed among family members. Churches remain empty on the Good Friday. After the afternoon services, a bitter drink is prepared and served to everyone to taste. Saturday is observed as a day of sorrow. At night, the churches get ready to observe Easter Vigil. A big candle is lit and several other candles are lighted from it `to indicate the resurrection. Churches and streets are illuminated, bells rung and music fills in the entire area with the Easter wish of Hallelujah. Easter day begins with the traditional Easter Breakfast ‘appam’ made of rice & toddy, in combination of egg curry and non-vegetarian stews.

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    Easter is celebrated at every home and churches

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    Celebrate the festival with devotion and love.

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    Easter is celebrated by the Christians throughout Kerala with great passion.

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