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  1. About minjar fair

    Minjar Fair is celebrated at Chowgan in Chamba which begins from the last Sunday of July and continues for a week. Men and women wear Minjar, which is a silk tassel attached to the front parts of their dress, which symbolizes a good harvest. Cultural programs and sports competitions are organized every day with the participation of thousands of people. Deities from temples are taken in a grand procession accompanied by large number of people with music and dance to the Ravi River. A Minjar consisting of fruits, coconut, paddy, and a coin tied in a red cloth is offered to the river. After the rituals, the idols of the deities are taken back to Akhand Chandi Mahal and prayers are offered in Lakshmi Narain Temple.

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    Chowgan in Chamba Town, Himachal Pradesh

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    It is a colorful event not to be missed while in Chamba.

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