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  1. About kang festival

    Kang Festival, which is the Rathyatra of Manipur, is one of the most important religious festivals in Manipur which is held at the Govindajee Temple Imphal. During this festival the idol of Lord Jagannath is taken out from the temple and it is travelled on a car pulled by hundreds of devotees. The car in which the Lord travels is known as ‘Kang’. The grand procession or Rathyatra is accompanied by drum beats, music of bells, conch and nahal songs, amidst the devotional songs and dance of the devotees. Offerings are made with barti (cotton balls wrapped and soaked in ghee), fruits and flowers. Community feasts and Kirtan are performed in the mandapas of temples.

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    Govindajee Temple, Imphal

    Do and Don't

    It is a blessing to have an opportunity to pull the Kang in which the Lord travels during the procession. Follow the customs of the temple.

    Additional Informations

    It is believed that by pulling the Kang the devotees will receive God’s blessings and they will be relieved from their diseases.

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