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  1. About heikru hitongba

    Heikru Hitongba is a festival of cultural and religious significance celebrated on the 11th day of the Manipuri month Langban (September). The main event of this festival is a boat race in the Sagolband Bijoy Gobinda. The two long narrow boats used here are operated by several rowers under a captain called ‘Tengmai Lappa’. The race which has of religious significance commences after installing the idol of Lord Vishnu and offering prayers to him. Brahmins offer gold and silver before the presiding deities. The rowers show high competitive spirit and vigor and try their best to beat the other boat amidst the reverberating cheer of the enthusiastic crowd on the banks of the canal.

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    Canal on the Bijoy Govind Area

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    The boat race with cultural and religious significance is an exciting sight to watch amidst the cheering crowd. Reach the venue at the earliest and occupy a comfortable position.

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    Heikru Hitongba festival which began in 1779 is not just a boat race but has a lot of religious significance and it is celebrated with a ritualistic approach

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