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Teej FestivalTeej FestivalTeej Festival
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  1. About teej festival

    Teej Festival is one of the major festivals in Jaipur. A lot of tourists especially come to Jaipur to see this festival. This festival gives an opportunity to tourists to know the culture of Rajasthan. This festival is popular among the women of Rajasthan. The festival has a great religious significance.. Married women carry out the various rituals and pray to Goddess Parvati for well being of their husband. They also pray for a blissful married life. The festival holds a lot of importance for the people of Jaipur as during the festival, Jaipur city gets enveloped in green color. There are number of stalls showcasing the culture of Rajasthan. Handicrafts, traditional Rajasthani dresses and junk jewelry. Decorating the Teej Mata temple is also an integral part of the festival. The idol of Teej Mata is adorned with and traditional jewelry and beautifully embroidered clothes. The festival also features a huge procession with the idol of Teej Mata. Teej procession is the magnificently decorated idol of Goddess Parvati which is kept on a palanquin and carried through the Pink City of Jaipur. The huge procession terminates at Kanak Vrindavan.A large number of international tourists comes to see this festival. It is a joyous festival among the localites,to watch the Teej procession in the old city is a treat to the eyes for all the travelers .It will be a great experience for you to visit to Jaipur at this time.

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    The procession starts from City Palace, Jaipur

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    You should reach at city palace one hour before starting the Teej festival procession so that you may find a suitable place for viewing the procession and enjoy the festival and may see the colors of this wonderful festival.‘Ghevar and Feeni’ are the main sweets at this time and you should eat these sweets

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