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  1. About vishu festival

    Vishu is the astrological New Year Day of Kerala, celebrated throughout the state. It signifies the transfer of Sun towards the zodiac. Vishu is celebrated in Mid-April, on the 1st day of the Malayalam month Medam. Keralites celebrate this auspicious day by preparing a “Vishu Kani’ (a good omen) in the previous night in which certain items like ‘kanikkonna flower’ (cassia fistula), fruits, cucumber, coconut, betal leaves, etc., are arranged in front of God’s image, which they see first in the early morning. A tradition called ‘Vishu kaineettam’, is followed, in which coins and gifts are given to younger members of the family as well as to relatives and neighbors. It follows feast, bursting of crackers and several entertainments.

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    Children should take safety precautions while bursting crackers.

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    Vishu is the New Year festival as well as the Harvest Festival of Kerala, celebrated throughout the State with great spirit.

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