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  1. About puthandu celebration

    Tamil New Year Day is popularly known as Puthandu which is celebrated on the first day of the first month of Hindu calendar, which usually falls on April 14 every year. In the early morning, people wake up and view an auspicious sight known as ‘Kani’ which include flowers, fruits, coconut, rice, betel leaves, jewelry, etc., arranged in a clean space in the previous night. After having a ritual bath, they visit temples. Houses are cleaned and decorated with ‘kolam’ (design using rice flour) and delicious vegetable dishes are prepared. A special dish made of mangoes, known as ‘Maanga Pachadi’ is the highlight of the festival. Friends, relatives and neighbours exchange greetings for a happy new year, which is known as ‘Puthandu Vazhthukal’.

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    The beginning of the day should be by watching auspicious things that will ensure happiness and prosperity throughout the year.

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    New Year day is celebrated in a similar manner in other South Indian states also, and in Kerala it is known as Vishu Festival.

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