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  1. About dhulandi festival

    The famous Holi Festival or Festival of colours celebrated across the country is celebrated as Dhulandi Festival in Jaipur. It marks the onset of spring and is celebrated on the next day after Holika Dahan. It is marked as victory of good or evil. People celebrate this day by throwing colours each other. They visit each other’s house and share sweets with greetings. In Jaipur, elephant festival is organized on this day and several programs like tug of war, elephant polo and beauty parade of elephants. The Department of Tourism conducts a special event for foreign tourists at Khasa Kothi Hotel lawns where one can enjoy playing with colours, Rajasthani folk music and folk arts.

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    Dhulandi is celebrated at every home. A special event for foreign tourists is organized at Khasa Kothi Hotel lawns.

    Do and Don't

    It is a festival of colours. Play the festival safely using colours that will not harm the body.

    Additional Informations

    It is a day of victory of good over evil. On this day people forgive each other for their wrong actions, and look forward for maintaining intimacy and love in the coming days.

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