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  1. About dang darbar

    Dang Darbar is an important annual tribal festival celebrated at Ahwa in the Saputara hills few days before Holi festival. It is the festival of Dang Tribe and a large number of inhabitants and visitors from different places attend this festival. People wear colorful dresses, men with waist coat and turbans, and women in sarees and blouses and adorned with heavy silver jewelry. Several stalls can be seen at the festival site which exhibit attractive handicrafts and accessories made by the tribal people. Several activities are organized such as songs, folk dances, Raas, Garba and dramas to entertain the people. During the festival, the forefathers of five kings namely, Pimpri, Gadhavi, Laher, Linga and Vasurna are honoured and pensions are provided.

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    Ahwa, near Saputara

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    The exact dates of the festival need to be confirmed.

    Additional Informations

    A unique opportunity to watch the diverse cultural activities of the tribals of the region. The festival also provides a platform to select new brides and grooms.

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