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  1. About pongal

    Pongal is a very significant festival of Tamil people, which is celebrated for four days, during January 13 to 16, every year. These dates correspond to the last day of Tamil month Margazhi and the first three days of next month Thai. Pongal is basically a harvest festival celebrated to appreciate the Sun god for providing a good harvest and involves offering the first rice of the season to sun God. The word ‘Pongal’ in Tamil means “overflowing”, which symbolically represents prosperity. To signify the abundance, rice is cooked in new pot in milk, until it overflows. First day of the Pongal is known as ‘Bhogi’, the second day is ‘Surya Pongal’, the third day is ‘Mattu Pongal’ and the fourth day is ‘Kaanum Pongal’. The festival is celebrated as per the specific traditional rituals and ceremonies on each day.

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    Pongal is celebrated in every Tamil family.

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    Celebrate the festival with family and friends and enjoy it in full spirit. Follow the customs and traditions of the festival.

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    The festival spanning for four days involves specific rituals and ceremonies like cleaning of house and decorating with Kolam designs, offering the first rice of the harvest to sun God, worshiping cattle and honoring agricultural laborers.

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