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  1. About poothan and thira

    Poothan and Thira is a ritual art usually performed during the festival seasons and poorams in the Bhadrakali temples in the Valluvanad region (Ottappalam and Mannarkad Taluk) of Palakkad district. This ritual is performed by people belonging to Mannan community of Palakkad villages. Few days prior to the local festival, Poothan and Thira appear in the village, followed by the drummers, and visit the houses of the village with their typical shouts and gesture. They come with masked faces, colorful costumes and large circular head-gears. People welcome them with respect and devotion with traditional lighted lamps and gift them rice, paddy and money. Poothan represents Lord Siva and Thira, the Goddess Kali. The divine duo blesses the households and expels evil forces from the village. The performers with acrobatic skill and flexible body movements provide a visual treat and entertainment.

  2. Name of Ritual/Custom



    Poothan and Thira performance marks the beginning of the regional festivals in the temples. The festival season is January to June.


    Poothan and Thira is performed in the Bhagavathy temples of the Valluvanad region of Palakkad, that is, Ottappalam and Mannarkkad Taluks.

    Recommended length to visit

    Poothan and Thira appear about one week before the regional festival and perform throughout the festival period.

    Do's & don'ts

    It is the exclusive right of the people belonging to Mannan community to perform this ritual art. One can enjoy their performance and gift them money or rice and seek their blessing.

    Additional Informations

    Legend says that it is a celebration of Poothan (the lieutenant of Lord Siva) on the victory of Goddess Kali (Thira) against Demon Darika.

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