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  1. About fire dance

    Fire dance is a unique dance form accredited to the rituals and customs of Rajasthan. It is a difficult dance form usually performed by skilled artists of Banjra community. This devotional dance is performed in the desert regions on a ground spread with burning charcoal and wood. The dancers jump into the fire and dance around the fire, holding flamed sticks in hand and throw kerosene held in mouth to the flame. They dance to the beat of drums with increasing tempo and reach in a state of trance. It is believed that the dancers possess tantric powers and are protected by a divine force from burning. It is performed during Holi and Janmashtami seasons.

  2. Name of Ritual/Custom



    It is performed during Holi, Janmashtami, and other festive occasions.


    Performed in open ground in the desert areas of Rajasthan

    Recommended length to visit

    1 day

    Do's & don'ts

    This dance is dangerous and can be performed by skilled artists only. Do not try to imitate it.

    Additional Informations

    This is a devotional dance. There is another folk dance by the same name, but the performances are entirely different.

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