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    Adoption is a custom followed in Rajasthan families since the ancient times. Parents who do not have a male children in their family used to adopt male child to continue their lineage. Most of the royal families had adopted male children to make them their successors. A simple ceremony is involved in this custom. Senior members from the family and community, known as the panch (elders) of the ceremony, come to the adopter’s house, and in their presence the body of the adopted boy is rubbed with vermilion and he is adorned with a coloured turban on his head. Opium in small doze is given to all the elders to celebrate the adoption ceremony. Then a formal document of adoption is signed to complete the function. Even if a son is born to this family later, both the adopted child and the real son share equal rights in the family.

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    When there is no male child in the family.


    Families of Rajasthan

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    One day

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    It is an ancient custom prevalent in Rajasthan

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