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  1. About chicken throwing ritual

    The Chicken throwing ritual is an annual ritual performed at the Bikkimaradi Durgavva temple on the bank of Kotturu Lake. In the afternoon the villagers build a huge wooden chariot and decorate it flowers and colorful clothes. The idol from the temple is kept on the chariot and taken on a procession through the surrounding villages and when it returns back, thousands of people gather. They start throwing chickens and banana at the chariot but ensure that the chickens are not harmed. Those who catch the chicken should bring it or any other chicken next year and throw it to the goddess. It is believed that the villagers will not be affected by any animal disease by performing this ritual.

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    Bikkimaradi Durgavva temple on the bank of Kotturu Lake

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    1 day

    Do's & don'ts

    Know the exact date of this ritual before planning the trip.

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