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  1. About kavadi attam

    Kavadi Attam is a religious ritual performed by the Murugan devotees of Tamil Nadu in connection with the festivals of Murugan temples. Kavadi literally means ‘burden’. In the ancient time, while going on pilgrimage, the devotees used to carry the offerings to God which are tied and hung on both end of a stick and balanced on their shoulders. Kavadi can be of any type which contains the offering to Lord Muruga, such as milk, sacred water, rice, etc. Wooden Kavadi comprises of two pieces of wood bent in semicircular shape and fixed on a cross rod so that it can be balanced on the shoulder. It is adorned with flowers and peacock feathers. The devotees sing devotional songs praising Lord Muruga and perform dances accompanied by the orchestra called Naiyandi melam. Devotees prepare themselves by keeping their body and mind clean, strictly following austerities for 48 days before performing this ritual.

  2. Name of Ritual/Custom



    January to April


    Palani Temple, Palani, which is located at about 60 km from Kodaikanal city.

    Recommended length to visit

    One day.

    Do's & don'ts

    Follow the customs and practices of the temple while participating in the festival.

    Additional Informations

    This is a religious ritual and some devotees used to pierce small spears through their tongues, cheeks and body skin

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