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  1. About nata pratha

    Nata Pratha is a traditional custom in Rajasthan which allows a married woman, having a break down in married life, to marry another man of her choice. It is usually prevalent in the rural areas and is popular among the communities of Bhils, Jats, Rajputs, Meenas and Gujjars. The man and woman can live as husband and wife without any formal wedding ceremony or formalities of the marriage, but purely by mutual consent. The new husband has to give money to the woman’s father or her ex-husband, whoever exchanges the woman. This money is known as “bride price”. It is said that the parents compel their daughters for one marriage after another to earn money each time and in most cases they get protection from the concerned authorities who were paid a commission on the bride price. The parents of the girls even register false cases of torture or dowry in order to deny the share of bride price to the ex-husband of the woman.

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    When there is a break down in the marriage.


    Families in Rajasthan.

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    The custom is often badly utilized just for the sake of earning money.

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