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  1. About dhundh ritual

    Dhundh is a Hindu ritual of Rajasthan performed on all children who are less than one year old on Holi. Parents of the child invite their relatives to attend the Dhundh ceremony of their child. On the day of Holi, after burning Holi, the child is married to Holika. In the evening, the child dressed in new clothes is seated on the lap of his relative on a wooden seat. The people, called as Gerias, dance around the child and using small sticks they beat on the cloth covering the child. After the ceremony is over, sweet is distributed to all.

  2. Name of Ritual/Custom



    February / March


    Performed at the particular home.

    Recommended length to visit

    One day.

    Do's & don'ts

    Enjoy this celebration on the day of Holi.

    Additional Informations

    The ritual is linked to the story of a demoness named Dhundha, referred in Bhavishya Purana.

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