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  1. About jallikattu

    Jallikattu is an adventurous bull fight practiced in Tamil Nadu on the third day of Pongal celebrations. The word ‘jalli’ means gold or silver coins and ‘kattu’ means ‘tied’. Coins, money or prizes are tied to the bull’s horns, which will be the prize money of the person or team who conquers the bull. Jallikattu is believed to be a 2500 years old ancient custom followed in Tamil Nadu and hence the people have a special intimacy to it. Even though most of the people get injured and even occasional deaths are reported, hundreds of people participate in this dangerous game with great enthusiasm. It was banned by the Supreme Court, however, due to the strong protests by the people of the entire Tamil Nadu, the state Government has issued special ordinance that allows continuing this event.

  2. Name of Ritual/Custom





    It is organized in the specially prepared Jallikattu arena.

    Recommended length to visit

    One day. 8 am to 6 pm.

    Do's & don'ts

    Take your seat in a comfortable location from where the event can be watched safely.

    Additional Informations

    Tamil people consider it as a symbolic event of their ancient custom and tradition and the people of the entire state stand unanimously to protest against any ban on this popular event.

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