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  1. About toran bandana

    Toran Bandana is a colorful wedding ritual performed at bride’s house to welcome the bridegroom and his team for the wedding ceremony. The bridegroom comes riding a horse and carries a sword or neem stick in his hand. At the entrance of the bride’s home, there is a Toran. Seated on the horse, the bridegroom touches the toran with his sword or neem stick. Subsequently the bride’s mother receives him by applying Tilak on his forehead and the bride receives him by hitting with a garland made of sweets

  2. Name of Ritual/Custom



    On the marriage day while the bridegroom arrives bride’s house.


    Bride’s house or location of the marriage function.

    Recommended length to visit

    1 day

    Do's & don'ts

    You can just watch and enjoy the beauty of this marriage custom, which can be rarely seen any other places.

    Additional Informations

    This ritual is performed to remove the “evil eye”.

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