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  1. About lunglei

    Lunglei is one of the prominent districts of Mizoram. It is an ideal base for nature lovers for exploring the surrounding areas which are rich in flora and fauna, hamlets and landmarks linked with folklores and legends. Blessed with unmatchable natural scenic beauty, Lunglei draws several tourists from far and wide who are absolutely thrilled with the captivating sight of the place. For those tourists who want to add a bit of adventure in their sojourn to Mizoram, Lunglei offers them with a plethora of picnic spots to explore their inherent sporting skills and sportsman spirit. Lunglei district offers the tourists to enjoy natural splendor coupled with the rich cultural traditions of the region. The local language is Mizo language.

  2. Who should visit the city?

    Wildlife Lovers,Nature Lovers

    Best time to visit (months)

    Season-1 : October - March | Season-2 : May - June

    How to reach?

    By Road

    Aizwal which is located roughly at a distance of 170 km. From Aizwal you can easily and smoothly get to Lunglei in around 5-6 hours. At the start of your journey it is suggested to drive north-west along Ngaizel road. Then follow Lunglei- Thenzawl road to NH302/NH 54A to your destination in Lunglei safely and comfortably.

    By Train

    Lunglei does not have a train station, and the nearest station is Silchar.

    By Air

    Nearest major airport is Shillong.



    Min Temp: 25°C - Max Temp: 35°C


    Min Temp: 20°C - Max Temp: 30°C


    Min Temp: 15°C - Max Temp: 25°C

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    Best fair, festivals and attractions

    The Fair and festivals which are celebrated in Lunglei Chapchar Kut , Mim Kut, Pawl Kut . There are many tourist places and few of them. Serkawn, Theiriat Tlang, Nghasih stream, Lung-lei, Kawmzawl, Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary, Lunglei, Saza Wildlife Sanctuary, Lunglei, Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary, Lunglei.

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